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"Space, though infinite. Has a habit of feeling very small when there isn't anywhere to go and as far as the residents on the Traveller were concerned, space was nothing but a silver box."

A cargo ship known as the Traveller found itself floating adrift in space roughly forty years ago. The crew didn't know what had gone wrong, nor did they know how to fix the problem, and so it stayed put.

After four decades the ship has grown old, it would be considered out of commission were it to ever find itself on solid land again. The people living on the ship don't mind, though. They are perfectly happy to drift through space forever, that is until they notice something odd happening outside the window. Meteors have been flying past and disappearing into nothing.

The ship needs to move. Unless they want to disappear too.

A Twine game set in space, focussed on making all decisions important and providing an indepth game world.

Short but sweet.

Please contact me about any spelling errors. Hope i didnt miss any.


Black Box.rar 158 kB

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